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Who are we anyway?

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Hello! We're Charlotte Alford & Lucy Donagh, a Scottish/Welsh creative team based in London. 


Our experience encompasses everything from print to PR, but our main love is in social and experiential. With Charlotte's background in strategy and Lucy's addiction to social, our smushed together brains always deliver creative idea's backed by killer insights. 

We love a challenge so if you have any advertising needs, get in contact and put us to the test!


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I'm really just your standard Irn Bru drinking, tartan loving, ginger Glasgow girl (that's actually from Dorset). 


I have a Masters in Creative Advertising and my background includes printmaking, sculpture, project management and banking. ​


Outside of my career I love travelling the world with an ugly doll named Mags and I have passion for taking scraps and putting them in a book.


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Welsh girl with an Irish name pronounced like a Turkish kebab.


I graduated from the University of Gloucestershire in 2019 with a first class degree in Advertising. 


I love illustrators such as WebComic Name and Mr Bingo, but when making my own stuff, prefer papercutting and prints.

Though not naturally adventurous, I try to push myself to get out and about as much as possible. I've stayed in dingy hostels in a variety of places so my bravery (and immune system) has grown.

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Email: charlottenlucy@gmail.com
Currently based in London and looking for a new challenge, but we are always looking to meet other people from the industry. Drop us a message.
Fancy a chat? Got feedback for us on any of our work? Get in touch:

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